Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Retweetables: A recap and farewell

Tweeter. Twitterer. Tweet. Retweet. Mention. Reply. Direct Message. Hashtag. This is Twitter talk. If you are not familiar with Twitter or want to learn more about it, is a great source for all things social media and offers The Twitter Guide Book. So if this is your first time reading The Retweetables, my weekly posts about the crafty tweets I see and share with others, hello and goodbye...

WAIT! Goodbye? Yes. At least for a bit. School is almost out and I want to focus my attention on two beautiful girls and not so much on Twitter.

I've come to love Twitter for all the inspiration and information it has given to me and have been obsessively addicted to it, which was the reason why I started my weekly #retweetable posts. Unfortunately, my most of my Twitter time has been replaced with more family and scrapbooking time (the way it really should be. Afterall, I scrapbook for them. I don't tweet for them except for the nail polish collection tweets) and I just need a break. I still plan on writing blog posts to share my crafty things and will be on Twitter, but not to the point where I will see all the great tweets out there... and there are many, hence, the addiction.

You can still follow me as @ohiodanielle where I'm just me being me or as @ecoscrapbook where I tweet eco-friendly tweets :)

So, let's get to this #retweetable recap...

These #retweetable tweeters have been mentioned in my Twitter-related posts (April 2010 to present) and are also my #FollowFriday recommendations:

Note: The names with links were featured in my posts, while the names without links were mentioned in their tweets.

Randomness, May 14-20:

Layout a Day in May (#LOAD), May 7-14:


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thinking about life and a decoupaged door

We swirl through life learning from the past, seeing a myriad of things and hearing stories that make us smile, cry or fume. Things that we once believed were true, in one single instance, can turn false and our perception of reality is forever changed. That is life. We are here to learn and that knowledge often comes from the written word.

I've always had a love affair with newspapers and don't mind when the tips of my fingers turn black. I like to tear out the articles or photos that make me think or want to learn more. Books, newspapers, magazines and now the internet is jam packed with useful information (and some complete nonsense). I can't imagine life without these four outlets of knowledge.

I had two boxes of assorted articles saved until the day I decoupaged a kitty litter storage container. I cut the articles (somewhat) neatly, painted on the adhesive and adhered each article and photos to the container. Now I have a simple container for my scrapbooking supplies that didn't cost me any money.

After this fun, little activity, an idea popped into my head to decoupage the basement door. I still had a huge assortment of articles I wanted to see and share with others. After choosing articles and photos that my family can relate to and learn from, I started adding them to the door.

Articles were adhered to border the door and then I worked toward the center, adding photos along the way. The process took a few days, about an hour or so each afternoon when my house was quiet (my alone time).

After covering the entire door, I waited 24 hours and then applied a top coat of decoupage. And then I thought about what I could decoupage next! I am pleased with the results. It's not perfect, but it's something to talk about and my seven-year-old has asked many questions about the headlines and photos, so I know the purpose of my project has been fulfilled.

Newspapers/Magazines Used: The Toledo Blade, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Parade Magazine.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Retweetables: Randomness

Busy week here. Layout a Day/LOAD is still keeping my mornings busy (above layout is from Day 8), a "green" (as in color and a bit eco-friendly) Shrek themed birthday party is less than 48 hours away for my newly appointed two-year-old. I decoupaged a door with old newspapers and did some spring cleaning to prepare for the party. Yet, with all this craziness and a long list of others things, I managed to gather together a random selection of great scrapbooking links (and one yummy tweet) via Twitter.

1. @ScrapbookLatino: A very non-scary #scrapbook alternative... RT @CathyZielske This is one monthly you may end up looking forward to

2-4. @jenniferswilson: It appears that Miss @jenniferwilson is a little tweeting machine this week... I tried to narrow it down, but caught three tweets that really appealed to me and I wanted to share them with you.
5. @EllaPublishing: New Ella post: Scrapbooking about the Women You Love

6. @scrappinmichele: FUN FUN FUN!!! Shutterfly Launches Tool To Create Facebook Albums

7. @CaraScrapNStamp: New Blog Post! Cutting Frosting Sheets with the Cricut Cake - Beautiful, isn't it?! The view from the window ...

8. @MakingMemories: Create a fairy tale layout with the nursery rhymes design card. Check out this link to find a printable instruction...

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Retweetables: Layout a Day in May (#LOAD)

May has been a scrappy month. Every single day this month, I have created a scrapbook layout, photographed it, uploaded it to Flickr and then added it to the Layout a Day gallery for LOAD. I have learned that I:
  • love to distress paper
  • have LOTS of supplies (and some are just plain ugly)
  • like to use black cardstock
  • scrap in a variety of page sizes depending on the photograph
  • love to look through all the photos and layouts on Flickr (talk about inspiration!)
  • need more time to make the things I want (handmade flowers and other goodies)
  • often leave the journaling as the last page element and I should try to focus on that more to tell the story behind the photos.
There are probably more things I could list here, but this post isn't just about me, it's about LOAD!! There are 152 members of May's LOAD and each one is very talented, creative and inspiring. Here are just a few:

Note: I tried using embedded tweets. It would have been super cool and made my Retweetables post so much easier. Yet, when I published the post, it got all screwy. I cleaned it up a bit, but I'm assuming it doesn't work well with Blogger. I apologize if today's Retweetables isn't formatted as usual. You can still try it out and it may work for you:


Seeing #digi #scrapbook pages makes me want to convert. Then I see all the supplies I have. Let me use up paper first. #LOAD via TweetDeckClaudia McDaniel

Had plans to catch up the blog after uploading #LOAD day 12 to flickr, but I got lost in the very AWESOME gallery. Thanks again @lainehmann via Twitter for BlackBerry®Julie Hollis


I should have drank that tea before tweeting! Today's #LOAD challenge will be easier said than done! lol 'cuz everyone is so Talented!via web Barbi D.
#LOAD today I will not leave my LO until the 10th hour! via web Betty Weaver



@lainehmann My favorite challenge has to be a toss up between D for distress or G for groupings. I'm a newbie & I love LOAD! #LOAD via webDebra Piercey

I've loved all the challenges. I'm learning stuff about myself and feeling accomplished as I finish each layout #LOAD via UberTwitterDanielle Hunter
P.S. In case you didn't know, I tweet as @ohiodanielle and @ecoscrapbook :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't throw away your nail polish!

What's in your nail polish? Do you know there are chemicals in nail polish that can cause birth defects and cancer? Here's just a few:

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP): An ingredient that stops nail polish from chipping and causes damage to a baby boy's reproductive system.

Nitrocellulose: Once used in automobile paint and also known as "gun cotton" in the fireworks industry.

Formaldehyde: A cancer causing ingredient that is associated with allergic reactions and asthma.

Toluene: A petroleum-based solvent known to cause cancer and can damage the immune and reproductive systems.

Should you be concerned that you are putting chemicals on your nails? That is up to you to decide.

Should you be concerned that these harmful chemicals can end up in the landfill? Yes! And you can do something about it!!

Gather together any old or unwanted nail polish bottles and take them (you can ship them too) to your local disposal facility. One place to check-out is Chemwise, a chemical recycling and disposal facility. Priti NYC, an organic nail polish company, has teamed up with Chemwise to offer a nail polish recycling program and participants can receive 15% off their next online purchase. Click here for more information.

My daughter and I have started our own nail polish drive and have placed a donation box inside her school. I encourage others to spread the word and start their own community-wide nail polish disposal collections.

The goal of our nail polish drive is to raise awareness of the harmful chemicals hiding in products that we use everyday and to let people know there are ways to dispose of these products properly. Safer, non-toxic nail polish alternatives are available and include OPI Nail Lacquer, Priti Nails non-toxic nail polish (kids collection), Spa Ritual Lacquer, Safe Nail Polish, and Honeybee Gardens WaterColors.

You can learn more about the ingredients in nail polish and other cosmetics by referring to the articles/sites below:
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Retweetables: Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is this Sunday and I'm so happy to still have my mom in my life. I'm lucky to be able to spend time with her and the above layout (Day 4 Cardstock Challenge of Layout A Day/LOAD) shows the two of us vacationing in Arizona (circa 1986). We have created many memories together and I look forward to seeing her again soon.

This week's #retweetable tweeters have shared an assortment of crafty gifts for that special lady (or ladies) in your life.

1. @SCTmagazine: Mother's Day gift idea with Davinie! via Scrapbook & Cards Today Blog - Good morning! On Monday I shared a ...

2. @BlueToolCrew: Show Mom your love-Create a custom Mother's Day card for her with our Virtual Scrapbook app on Facebook: #luvmom #sears

3. @CarissaRogers: RT @tiffhewlett: Mothers Day Giveaway!!! Worth $79! Memory Mixer Software and a $30 gift card (

4. @houseof3: Want to see some MORE ideas with Graduation & Mother's Day? Just blogged!

5. @kodakCB : I love this photo collage project idea - you just need a kid & some big letters #gno (This is for Father's Day, but it will work perfectly for moms too.)

6. @dinglefootcom: I just updated my Squidoo page: Making Scrapbook Gifts For Mom /

7. @FunTimesGuide: Tips For Making A Scrapbook For Mom - The Perfect Mother's Day Gift:

8. @CachicDesign: RT @PaperCakes: free printable for mother's day ~ fun designs, very #scrapbook style!

9. @BiokleenInc: Check out this cute & fun Mother's Day eco-craft project from our friends at @KiwiMagazine @KiwiMagazine

10. @momtriedit: Easy and inexpensive craft/gift for Mother's Day

11. @DelightfulToni: Free Mother's Day Crafts Blogger Book Edition 2010 RT PLS

12. @DCWV: A tribute to Motherhood...calling all of your photo lovers! Submit your photo and WIN! Get creative..they did! (

13. @ilovetocreate: Come make a fun handprint butterfly t-shirt for Mom for Mother's Day on Thursday night at Michaels (May 6th)

14. @simplyfabyou: Mother's Day craft projects for kids! #mother's day #kids #kids crafts #gifts #crafts #cards

15. @craft: In case you missed it last week, see our 10 best recs for handmade gifts for mom on: Mother's Day is *this* Sunday!

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