Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Retweetables: Scrapbooking Inspiration

Hybrid scrapbook layout showcasing the 31 layouts I completed during May's Layout A Day.
As I prepare for Layout A Day, which starts tomorrow, I'm on the lookout for scrappy inspiration and often find it on Twitter:
As you can see, inspiration is all around you and there will always be fellow crafty tweeps to help your "creative ambition." And if Twitter is giving you the fail whale, Flickr is always jam-packed with plenty of eye-candy (especially during October for Layout A Day!! And you can still sign-up HERE).

Thanks for stopping by! Stay updated on blog posts by following OhioDanielle on Twitter. Check my Flickr photostream during October to see what I've been scrapping for Layout A Day. (Note: I'm 0hi0dh there. I use zeros for my Flickr account.)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack! (Part Three)

Welcome to Day Three of The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack! If you are just joining us, check out DAY ONE first and then DAY TWO. And now, what you've all been waiting's popping time!

The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack! 
© 2010 Danielle Hunter
Panel 1
CAPTION: Once freed from the evil balloons, Big Sis takes control.
Bis Sis begins the balloon popping with her needle-like laser beams.

Panel 2
Big Sis: It's popping time! Take them down!

Panel 3
Big Sis and Lil Sis are dominating the balloons.

Panel 4
Lil Sis pops a balloon with her super popping feet.

Panel 5
Big Sis pops another balloon with her needle-like laser beams.

Panel 6
Lil Sis has tripled her super popping powered feet and annihilates all but one balloon.

Panel 7
Big sis destroys the last evil balloon.

Panel 8
CAPTION: The Super Sisters saved the day!

Comic Book Scrapbook Supplies:
  • Cardstock (white: Georgia Pacific, black: Prismatics)
  • Assorted paper scraps
  • American Crafts black memory marker
  • Pens (Zig, Sakura)
  • Heidi Swapp edge distresser
  • Glue Dots® Craft, Glue Lines, Dot N' Go
  • Petaloo Flora Doodles
  • Cardboard
 Disclosure: I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots design team.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack! (Part Two)

Welcome to Day Two of The Super Sisters! If you missed Day One, don't worry, you can still see it HERE. Now let's see what Big Sis and Lil Sis are up to...

The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack! 
© 2010 Danielle Hunter

Panel 1
Big Sis: The balloons got me!

Panel 2
Lil Sis: I can help you!
Big Sis: Help! Help! Help!

Panel 3
Big Sis is reaching for help.

Panel 4
Big Sis: NO!
Panel 5
Big Sis: AHH!

Panel 1
CAPTION: The evil balloons have taken over...but not for long!

Panel 2
Lil Sis: You're going down!!

Panel 3
CAPTION: Lil Sis crawls fast to save Big Sis from the evil balloons.

Panel 4
CAPTION: Big Sis is stuck inside the balloons. Lil Sis works quickly to save her sister.

Panel 5
Lil Sis: They are no match for us!

Panel 6
Lil Sis: I saved you!
Big Sis: I knew you could do it!

For your viewing pleasure, let's look at Page Two close-up:

And Page Three...

Stop by tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack!

Note: Disregard the tilts and warps of the pages above. I was having some minor photography issues and can't seem to photograph two-page layouts very well. Trust me, everything is lined up perfectly on the original pages. I know I shouldn't be apologizing, but if you know me then you know I'm a bit anal about things like this.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack!

Welcome to Day One of The Super Sisters! The Super Sisters is a comic book scrapbook written by my oldest daughter with photographs and scrapbooking created by me.

The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack! 
© 2010 Danielle Hunter

Panel 1
Title - The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack!

Panel 2
Big Sis: Our powers are to fight!

Panel 3
Lil Sis: We get our strength from smiling!

Panel 4-5
Meet Lil Sis and Big Sis as they start battling the evil balloons.
CAPTION: Lil Sis can pop any balloon with her super popping feet. Big Sis shoots needle-like laser beams from her hands.

Panel 6
Big Sis: Attack!
CAPTION: The battle begins!

Panel 7
Lil Sis: This is gonna be a piece of cake.

Be sure to visit tomorrow to see what happens next!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Glue Dots Design Team is on Twitter + A Joke

Updated Glue Dots Twitter list:

Glue Dottesses
Alyice Edrich @alyiceedrich
Angi Barrs @cokiepopaper
Bree Tetz @hotmamabree
Christy Rather @10craftyfingers
Danielle Hunter (me) @ohiodanielle & @ecoscrapbook
Debby Lewis @ArtofScrapping
Jeanette Giancaspro @janny_Girl
Latrice Murphy @LatriceUnique
Laura Davis @PaperPoppy
Lorelie Kim @Lorelie951
Terri Sproul @TerriSproul
Windy Robinson @WindyRobinson

Glue Dotties
Abbey Richards @abbeyviolet
Lynda Jeffs @LyndaJinCO
Nancy Rykiel @nanrykl
Renee Wallace @craftymom123
Shante Park @mylo143

And I made it easy for you to follow these crafty ladies on Twitter. Click HERE to view my Glue Dots Twitter list. Be sure to follow Glue Dots on Twitter and become a Glue Dots fan on Facebook. And now for a joke...

Q: "What did the Glue Dots say to the cardstock?"
A: "I'm stuck on you!"

The above layout was inspired by the Valentine's Glue Dots joke I tweeted back in February that gave "JanelMayer" inspiration to create a Toon Doo. Every once in a while, I'm clever enough to make a joke. All other times, I'm just not funny.

Don't forget to visit tomorrow for the first installment of The Super Sisters and The Balloon Attack!

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Disclosure:  I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots design team.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Retweetables: 10 Tweets & "The Scrapbooking Song"

Each week I do a little #Retweetable post about the crafty tweets I like on Twitter. Thinking about Twitter, I wondered if there was a Twitter song and YES, there are many. Then thinking about Twitter songs, I wondered if there was a scrapbooking song and YES, there are a few. Here's a REALLY funny one I found on Youtube:

And now, say hello to this week's #Retweetable scrappers:


1. @lainehmann: Storytelling in #scrapbooking: it involves More Than Words! #scrap #digi #load

2. @KristinRutten: #Scrapbook Journaling Tip: Incorporate your "real life" journaling into your scrapbooks. Think memo board, sticky notes, Tweets...


3. @CraftandHobby: BIG CHANGES WITH CHA WINTER SHOW: In a press release issued today, CHA announced several big change...

4. @ScrapHD: Craft Retail Chain Michaels Buys Digital Scrapbooking Startup ScrapHD via @techcrunch @michaelsstores @scraphd

 Digital Scrapbooking:

5. @GetItScrapped: Fun polaroid-style photo template #scrapbook #photography

6. @lynning: RT @sbg_studiogirls: First Ever Open Digital Designer Call at Scrapbookgraphics Please RT and spread the word!...

7. @KelleighRatz: reading @nicoleseiter 's blog post abt becoming a #digiscrap designer too!

And Three More:

8. @loadofscrap: From the Load of Scrap Blog Archives: Dude Crops Like a Lady #scrapbooking #scrapbook

9. @scrapbookcom: HAHA! We can all relate ... 'Losing My Mind' Layout - so Funny and Cute!

10. @ScrapGirls: Getting Started in Family Geneology - a step-by-step checklist: (printable PDF)

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to follow @OhioDanielle on Twitter to stay informed on future #Retweetable posts. 

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Scrapbook Layouts & Party Photo Tips

One of my favorite things to do after a birthday party is let my children play with the balloon decorations. They get crazy and have loads of fun while I take dozens of photos. (We always play it safe and are very careful about the tiny pieces of popped balloons, so don't worry about that.) The joy in a child's eyes when (s)he attacks a bundle of balloons is priceless.

Not only do I take balloon photos, but I also take photos of:
  1. Party preparations
  2. Invitations
  3. Before/After (you know, neat vs. messy)
  4. Food and drinks
  5. Decorations
  6. Party guests (posed and candid)
  7. Cake (cake smashing if you're lucky!)
  8. Gifts
  9. Party outfit(s)
  10. And of course, the birthday boy or girl
Parties go by fast so make a list of the photos you want to take beforehand and check them off as you go. While the party is still fresh in your mind, take the time to write down everything you remember and ask your family/friends what their most memorable moments were too. 

P.S. Be sure to visit next week when I post my comic book scrapbook layouts featuring The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack! You won't want to miss this!!

"Birthday Balloons" (12x12 Two-Page Layout)

"We Are One!" (12x12 Two-Page Layout)

"Handsome" (8x8 Page Layout)

All layouts were created by Danielle Hunter of Scrappin' Memories 4U.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vacation Scrapbook Layouts

I recently read How To Chose Your Best Vacation Photos, a wonderful and helpful post by Noell Hyman of Paperclipping Roundtable. Most of us can agree, we take a lot of photos when vacationing, often hundreds of snapshots documenting all the activities we partake in and the wonderful sites around us. With so many photos, it would be a time consuming task to use every single one in a traditional scrapbook (a little easier when going digital). Noell's post helps us to decide what photos to use on our scrapbook pages and I highly recommend reading it.

I haven't been on a "real" vacation in FIVE years. (I soooo want to relax on the beach right now and without any children, but I'm stuck in Ohio. Anyway, there's always next year. That's what I keep saying year after year.) Here I am, reminiscing about my Vegas vacation in 2004 and the Miami vacation in 2005:

"Vegas" (8.5x11 Two-Page Layout)

"Beauty" (8.5x11 Two-Page Layout)

"Sunshine Sandcastles Shells" (12x12 Two-Page Layout)

"A Special Day" (12x12 Two-Page Layout) 

All layouts were created by Danielle Hunter of Scrappin' Memories 4U.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

21 Green Scrapbooking Supplies You Already Own

Eco-friendly scrapbooking is simple: Use what you have and be creative. By "going green" on your scrapbook pages, you can save money as well as precious resources. You don't have to stop buying all the pretty paper you see at the store or in catalogs. Green scrapbooking is not a twelve-step program, but a way to balance the excess consumption of all that pretty paper and embellishments in your scrapbooks. So take a look around you. What do you see that can be used in a scrapbook or as a scrapbook?
  1. Paper scraps
  2. Worn-out fabric
  3. Old buttons
  4. Broken jewelry
  5. Leftover fibers (ribbon, thread, etc.)
  6. Produce mesh
  7. Scratched CDs
  8. Cardboard (cereal boxes, paper rolls)
  9. Greeting cards
  10. Words in magazines
  11. Unwanted board books
  12. Maps
  13. Dictionary pages
  14. Calendars
  15. Playing cards
  16. Wrapping paper
  17. Puzzle pieces
  18. Junk mail
  19. Notebook paper
  20. Candy wrappers
  21. _____________ You fill in the blank.
Here are some of my eco-friendly scrapbook layouts:

"Autumn" (8x8 Page Layout)

"The Mantis" (8x8 Page Layout)

"Trash The Dress" (12x12 Page Layout)

"My Green 2Do List" (12x12 Page Layout)

Want to learn more? Read my guest post, Elaborando Una Página de Scrapbook "Ecológica,"on Zaira Ivette's blog, Hacer Scrapbooks. (There's a translate button at the top of the page.) Hacer Scrapbooks is also on Twitter as @HacerScrapbooks.

All layouts were created by Danielle Hunter of Scrappin' Memories 4U.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sports Themed Scrapbook Layouts

Are you a sports fan? Do you know someone that plays a sport? If so, then I'm sure you have plenty of sports-related photographs. Team spirit can easily be displayed in scrapbooks with all the sports themed paper, kits, stickers, bingo cards and albums that are available for purchase. When I was scrapbooking in high school, I had to make my own scrapbook page embellishments with construction paper, markers and rubber cement. I am so glad that scrapbookers can now chose from a large variety of archival quality scrapbooking supplies that are acid-free and photo-safe.

Here are a few sporty scrapbook pages that weren't glued together with rubber cement:

"Dolphins" (12x12 Page Layout)

"My Little Girl" (12x12 Page Layout)

"OSU Twins" (12x12 Two-Page Layout)

All layouts were created by Danielle Hunter of Scrappin' Memories 4U.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Scrapbook Layouts: Journaling to remember your baby's special moments

Babies! They are so cute and cuddly when they aren't stinky. They grow so fast and before you know it, what was once helpless in your arms is now toddling around, eating Cheerios with a dash of dog hair off the floor. So grab your camera and take lots and lots and lots of photos! Don't worry, you can always delete the bad ones and there will be many of them with a fast-moving bundle of joy zooming around your living room and the store and any open space, especially when your oldest child is playing soccer and you have to chase your toddler onto the soccer field. (Yes, I know this from experience.) 

When your child is still a baby, make it a habit to write down memories and accomplishments in a journal since you won't have as much time to scrapbook. By doing this, you will have what you need for the journaling that goes alongside the photographs on your scrapbook pages. "Mommy brain" will cause you to forget some of these memories, so after taking photos of your child eating applesauce for the first time, write it down in a journal or even a piece of paper.

Quotes can also capture a special moment by setting the mood of a scrapbook layout. The quote can be from a famous person or even your own child. Just remember to document as much as possible as your child grows up. Photo albums are great, but scrapbooks with photos and journaling are even better.

"Kisses" (8.5x11 Page Layout) 
Photograph by Rick Sheridan of Look At Me Studios

"W" (8x8 Page Layout)

"Birth Story" (12x12 Page Layout)

All layouts were created by Danielle Hunter of Scrappin' Memories 4U

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Pregnancy Scrapbook Layouts: Documenting 9 Months

Pregnancy. Nine months that will change your body and life forever. Nine months that go by fast and slow at the same time. Nine months of allowing a little human to grow inside your belly.

I'm lucky. Two souls chose me to be their mom. They both came into my life when the time was right and both decided to be born on their exact due dates. With each pregnancy, I tried to document as much as I could and regularly wrote down my thoughts, cravings and how my body was changing. I kept a pocket calendar next to my bed during both pregnancies to record doctor appointments, how much I weighed, if I felt sick or when there was a flutter of movements in my womb. Each month, I photographed my growing belly and during the third trimester, went to a professional photographer to capture these moments in my life. With my second child, I had my mom help me create a belly cast which now hangs on my bedroom wall (see the last layout of this post and it's also featured at and was also the Belly of the Month in April 2008 at (this still makes me laugh).

I'm glad times have changed. Women no longer have to hide their pregnant bellies. We are able to be proud and show them off. Pregnancy is a time to celebrate being a woman. Life grows within us. This is a miracle that happens everyday. Cherish it. Document it. Share it.

"Life is adventure" (12x12 Page Layout)
Photograph by Rick Sheridan of Look At Me Studios

"Make A Wish" (12x12 Page Layout)
Photograph by Rick Sheridan of Look At Me Studios 

"Defining Moments" (8.5x11 Page Layout)
Photograph by Rick Sheridan of Look At Me Studios

"I'm Pregnant" (6x6 Page Layout)

"It's a Girl" (6x6 Two-Page Layout)

"Love Makes The World Go Round" (6x6 Two-Page Layout)

"Beautiful" (6x6 Two-Page Layout)

All layouts were created by Danielle Hunter of Scrappin' Memories 4U.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scrapbook layouts that celebrate children

"The Girls" (12x12 Page Layout)

Browsing through any online scrapbook page gallery, you will find an abundance of child-themed layouts. As a parent of two beautiful little girls, I have taken thousands of photos during the eight years I've been a mom and have created hundreds of childhood scrapbook pages. And if you've been scrapbooking as long as I have, I'm sure you have done the same.

With thousands of photographs, not every one will be utilized in a scrapbook. Who has that kind of time? I tried scrapbooking every single photo during the first few years of my oldest daughter's life and I just couldn't keep up. That was back when I only had a 35mm camera and didn't always have the best photos.

Nowadays, we have the advantage of digital photography and don't have to worry about printing 35mm photos only to find out that several are blurry or have heads chopped off. We can save money, paper and ink by deleting the unwanted photos in our digital cameras and then crop or touch them up in any photo-editing software program. I've allowed myself to still use photo albums and only choose favorite photos to use on scrapbook pages. 

Here are some of the layouts I've created over the years that celebrate children:

"You are growing up" (8x8 Page Layout)

"This little lady" (12x12 Page Layout)

"Boys" (8x8 Two-Page Scrapbook Layout)

"Splish Splash Bubble Bath" (12x12 Page Layout)

"This Is What Life Looks Like" (12x12 Page Layout)

"Piggy Tails" (12x12 Page Layout)

"Fingerpaint" (12x12 Page Layout)

All scrapbook layouts were created by Danielle Hunter of Scrappin' Memories 4U.

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