Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Earth Day Project: How To Make a Plastic Bag Skirt

Do you recycle those plastic bags from the grocery store or do you toss them in the trash bin? Have you ever considered wearing the plastic bags? 

This plastic bag skirt is fun for dress-up, an Earth Day project or even a hula party.


6 Plastic grocery bags
Continuous Glue Lines®
Ribbon (2 26" pieces)

(Directions are for a small child's skirt. Add additional bags as necessary for larger sizes and glue together with Glue Lines®.)

1. Flatten each grocery bag. The bottom of each bag will now be the top of the skirt and there will be three layers.

2. Measure and cut 10" for the top layers, 11" for the middle and 12" for the bottom pieces.

3. Cut 1" strips into each bag, leaving approximately 3" from the top uncut. With sharp scissors, you should be able to glide through the bags easily.

4. Place the 12" bag on a flat surface, adhere a Continuous Glue Line® at the very top and attach the 11" layer. Repeat with the 10" top layer. This is the front of the skirt. Repeat again for the back of the skirt.

5. Lay the front and back sides of the skirt face down. Adhere a Continuous Glue Line® to the top of the (inside) front piece and attach the ribbon. Repeat for the back side.

To wear the skirt, tie a bow on each side and you're done!

And let me just point out that it was NOT easy to photograph my two-year-old spinning around on a table (and yes, she's wearing an inside-out mesh swimsuit cover-up too):

I made an additional skirt for my 8-year-old which required an extra set of bags. Instead of two pieces of ribbon, I used one 42" piece and tied it in the back:

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Disclosure: This blog post was written while participating on the Glue Dots design team.


  1. This is so cute! Your "model" looks adorable!

  2. this is a very cute project.
    Here in Germany, we are really focused on recycling and there are no free bags whatsoever in the shops so everyone takes their own plastic bags with them that we have paid "good" money for or shopping bags/baskets! I often buy paper carrier bags which I can then use to collect my paper recycling or lifetime bags which have been made from recycled products. It always makes me feel very virtuous!

  3. Thanks Renee!

    Lisa - that's so interesting to hear. I guess I really don't think how people shop internationally. It's not often that you see people take reusable bags to the store around where I live. I have several, but have been known numerous times to forget them at home. I always recycle my bags, but who knows where they end up. I really need to make it more of a habit to bring my reusables to the store and I hope that more people around here do the same.