Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paint, Pretty Things & Bubble Wrap on a Girlie Girl Scrapbook Layout

"The Girlie Girl" 12x12 Layout
She may look like a sweet, little girlie girl, but my two-year-old is fearless (well, almost...a single strand of hair floating in the bathtub water freaks her out) and she's known to get rowdy and loud like when she discovered bubble wrap for the first time. She doesn't mind getting messy with paint and enjoys using up my leftovers. Here she is painting after I completed the layout above:

To see how I painted the background of "The Girlie Girl" layout, go check out my Tuesday Tutorial post on the ScrapTiffany blog. (Hint: It involves marbles.)

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  1. What sweet photos and a wonderful layout! Love the colors and fun look!

  2. i love that you used her painting in your layout

  3. This is such great way to design a creative layout, Danielle! It sure does look like a lot of fun, too! Your daughter is adorable!! Great work!!