About Me

Note: You can now find me on my new blog, EcoScrapbook.com.

When I was around four-years-old, my first scrapbook appeared in front of me, a blank canvas given to me by my mother who saw a creative spark. I filled it with the pictures I cut out of magazines and store sale ads. There were pages and pages of babies, babies with their mommies, bunnies, Easter candy, bunnies with Easter candy (obviously it was around the time of Easter, which often falls near my April birthday).

Then I moved onto making scrapbooks of various keepsakes like movie tickets and celebrity autographs. Once I reached middle school and had an abundance of cheerleading pictures (Go Streetsboro Rockets!) I truly discovered my love of mixing photos with paper, creating handmade embellishments, and even pop-up pages...and I had a lot of fun scrapbooking with a my best friend too (Hi Polly!). My scrapbooking hobby continued throughout my high school and college years (Go Toledo Rockets!) and helped me to design eye-pleasing layouts for newspapers and newsletters.

Once I was married and had my first child, I became the crazy lady with the camera, constantly taking photos of my beautiful baby girl. Then I received the phone call that changed my scrapbooking life. Read more about that call and my first crop party here. Now I was the crazy scrapbook lady with the camera, constantly scrappin' photos of my daughter.

In 2007, I launched Scrappin' Memories 4U, my scrapbook design business and started making scrapbooks for people who don't have time to do it themselves. I also became a Memory Works Consultant so I could have access to great scrapbooking products. Then I took a long scrapbook break to have another beautiful baby girl in 2008. Today, I'm back in the swing of things....scrappin', picture-taking, writing and blogging about scrapbooking.