Monday, April 19, 2010

Kitty litter + newspaper + decoupage = Scrapbooking storage

When my husband walked in the house on Saturday evening, he saw my little project and said "You decoupaged the kitty litter container!" I said "YES! I did!" I have a new obsession and can't stop thinking about all the things that I could decoupage. (A door is next.)

After the last container of kitty litter was empty, I washed it and decided to use it for scrapbooking supplies. It had been on my dining room table where I've been scrapbooking and was quite an eyesore. I felt embarrassed when a random visitor stopped by and saw this kitty litter container sitting where people should be eating. Oh well, but then I knew it was time to decorate this ugly yellow and blue thing.

I wish I would have purchased black paint before I started this project since I ended up using a Sharpie when I was done decoupaging. A coat of paint before adding the clipped newspaper articles would have worked better. It looks okay, but the project would have been easier and I probably wouldn't have gotten high off the Sharpie fumes.

There will be more fumes tomorrow when I talk about eco-friendly glue.

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