Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Retweetables: Randomness

Busy week here. Layout a Day/LOAD is still keeping my mornings busy (above layout is from Day 8), a "green" (as in color and a bit eco-friendly) Shrek themed birthday party is less than 48 hours away for my newly appointed two-year-old. I decoupaged a door with old newspapers and did some spring cleaning to prepare for the party. Yet, with all this craziness and a long list of others things, I managed to gather together a random selection of great scrapbooking links (and one yummy tweet) via Twitter.

1. @ScrapbookLatino: A very non-scary #scrapbook alternative... RT @CathyZielske This is one monthly you may end up looking forward to

2-4. @jenniferswilson: It appears that Miss @jenniferwilson is a little tweeting machine this week... I tried to narrow it down, but caught three tweets that really appealed to me and I wanted to share them with you.
5. @EllaPublishing: New Ella post: Scrapbooking about the Women You Love

6. @scrappinmichele: FUN FUN FUN!!! Shutterfly Launches Tool To Create Facebook Albums

7. @CaraScrapNStamp: New Blog Post! Cutting Frosting Sheets with the Cricut Cake - Beautiful, isn't it?! The view from the window ...

8. @MakingMemories: Create a fairy tale layout with the nursery rhymes design card. Check out this link to find a printable instruction...


  1. Thanks, Danielle, for sharing. I have bookmarked your page. These will be awesome resources.

    Have a great weekend,


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Renee! I do a #retweetable post each week so I can save all the great tweets I see.