Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thinking about life and a decoupaged door

We swirl through life learning from the past, seeing a myriad of things and hearing stories that make us smile, cry or fume. Things that we once believed were true, in one single instance, can turn false and our perception of reality is forever changed. That is life. We are here to learn and that knowledge often comes from the written word.

I've always had a love affair with newspapers and don't mind when the tips of my fingers turn black. I like to tear out the articles or photos that make me think or want to learn more. Books, newspapers, magazines and now the internet is jam packed with useful information (and some complete nonsense). I can't imagine life without these four outlets of knowledge.

I had two boxes of assorted articles saved until the day I decoupaged a kitty litter storage container. I cut the articles (somewhat) neatly, painted on the adhesive and adhered each article and photos to the container. Now I have a simple container for my scrapbooking supplies that didn't cost me any money.

After this fun, little activity, an idea popped into my head to decoupage the basement door. I still had a huge assortment of articles I wanted to see and share with others. After choosing articles and photos that my family can relate to and learn from, I started adding them to the door.

Articles were adhered to border the door and then I worked toward the center, adding photos along the way. The process took a few days, about an hour or so each afternoon when my house was quiet (my alone time).

After covering the entire door, I waited 24 hours and then applied a top coat of decoupage. And then I thought about what I could decoupage next! I am pleased with the results. It's not perfect, but it's something to talk about and my seven-year-old has asked many questions about the headlines and photos, so I know the purpose of my project has been fulfilled.

Newspapers/Magazines Used: The Toledo Blade, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Parade Magazine.

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