Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome New Blog Banner: My Picasa Creation

snap. scrap. blog. tweet. That's what I do here on my little blog. It seems like my entire online existence is a result of having Twitter on my BlackBerry, which began at the end of 2009. I launched my blog in January 2010 and today, I finally have a real header thanks to the Clover Lane blog and Picasa.

If you are not familiar with Picasa, it's Google's free photo editing software, and I have come to love how I can easily organize and edit all my photos. Another great thing about Picasa is that with a click of a button, I can add a photo directly to my blog or upload a movie to YouTube.

So back to my newly created blog banner...Each individual box is actually a cropped photo that I took looking up at the clouds and sun. I added the text, saved each photo, created and cropped the collage and finally, exported it and added the collage photo to Blogger.

I bet you want to know exactly how to do this. The link to that fabulous tutorial on how to easily create your very own blog banner using Picasa is right below:

A Tutorial on How To Make a Blog Banner Using Picasa Instead of Something Fancy and Complicated Like Photoshop

Good luck!


  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've had the design planned for months now and so happy that I finally had the time to create it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!