Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why I Always Get a Seasonal Flu Shot

I will never forget the year my daughter and I were sick with the flu and had to miss a trip to visit family at Christmastime. Everything was packed (since I'm an early planner) and we were ready for our scheduled road trip two days later...until the flu bug struck. We wanted Santa to visit us, not the dreaded flu. Plans changed, but a lesson was learned that year: Always get a seasonal flu shot so we will never miss Christmas again. That was in 2003.

Now, I make it a priority to get my family vaccinated against the flu each October. I even did it when I was pregnant with my second child to stay healthy during flu season. Yet, last year was a bit of a hassle because of all the H1N1 hype and we ended up having to make three trips to the doctor's office and flu clinics to be fully vaccinated against each strain of flu virus. It's easier this year because one flu shot protects us from three different flu viruses (including H1N1).

I'm sharing this little story with you today for a few reasons:
  • Germs are nasty and I don't want you to get sick with the flu.
  • I wanted to scrapbook the photo above of my daughter and I home sick with the flu. (I used MemoryWorks Simple Stories: Life Documented kit.)
  • I may receive a small thank you (valued at less than $20) since this post is part of a TwitterMoms blogging program and you can have a chance too if you click HERE.
I just got my flu shot. Have you? For more information about the flu vaccine and how you can protect your family from the flu this season, visit www.cdc.gov/flu. Thanks for stopping by ScrappinMemories4U.com!


  1. I've never gotten a flu shot, especially when I've heard the vaccine was in short supply. Wanted to let the high risk people have a chance and I'm not in that category. But since I see about 20 piano students every week, I'm seriously considering it. Don't want the flu!

  2. I had never planned on getting a flu shot and thought it was pointless since I try to stay healthy and keep the germs away, but that year, even though I did all the right things, my daughter and I ended up with the flu. She wasn't going to daycare or preschool and I was always careful about hand-washing, but the flu bug still struck. I say, if it'll keep you well, get that flu shot!