Thursday, March 17, 2011

The 3 L's of St. Patrick's Day: Layouts, Leprechauns & Luck

"The Story of the Leprechaun" 12x12 St. Patrick's Day Scrapbook Layout
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today is a day of green things, rainbows and luck (at least in the modern day sense). It's also the time when a sneaky leprechaun visits our house (re: The Story of the Leprechaun). He starts leaving things on the front porch about a week or two before St. Patrick's Day and even though my oldest daughter writes him notes pleading for him to stay or visit her at school, he doesn't allow himself to be caught.

A week ago, the leprechaun "sent" a postcard to my girls (and I'm sure he would have taken it to the post office if he had time):

Decoupaged St. Patrick's Day Postcard
Can you believe the leprechaun decoupaged a postcard? That's what my 8-year-old noticed when she was looking at it. He's a crafty one! The next day, my daughter asked me if I was pretending to be the leprechaun because "leprechauns don't decoupage, mommies do." I told her that ANYONE can decoupage (with free St. Patrick's Day clip art from Vintage Holiday Crafts).

So she left a note on the front porch for him and checked it each day, waiting for some sort of response from the leprechaun. Two days ago, he took the letter and left a couple coins. Of course there was plenty of excitement and the girls are little bit richer. I wonder what he'll bring today.

There are plenty of fun (non-alcoholic) things to do on St. Patrick's Day like make a rainbow with paper scraps:

St. Patrick's Day Paper Rainbow
Check out another version of the rainbow over at It's a Crafty Life. My rainbow was also included in a colorful roundup of all things Roy G. Biv at Funky Polkadot Giraffe. And if you can't get enough rainbows, visit Simple As That for St. Patrick's Day printables. 

Still want more? Do you have Lucky Charms lovers? Then they will love this "I'm So Lucky" printable for treat bags by the eighteen25 sisters. Short on time? 30-Minute Martha has a few quick ideas for St. Patrick's Day. Or if you have some extra time and your kids want to catch a leprechaun, Family Fun has a three different traps to try.

And since we are on the subject of luck, there's a little challenge for MemoryWorks consultants this month with a "lucky" theme (if you want to join the fun, sign-up to be a consultant) and here's the layout I created with MemoryWorks supplies:

"I Love Life" 12x12 MemoryWorks Scrapbook Layout
I love life. There are so many beautiful and inspiring things on earth and I journaled about them at the bottom of the page, but I kept thinking about Japan. My words didn't feel real as I thought about all the devastation in Japan. Although nature is beautiful, we were reminded that it has a dark side through recent catastrophic events. I destroyed my journaling like the earthquake and tsunami destroyed so many lives.

I am lucky to be alive. I am lucky to be warm, with food and water, shelter and my loving family safe and near.

Even though I'm celebrating all things green today with my family, I can't stop thinking about the people of Japan. I wish we could bottle all this St. Patrick's lucky day feeling and send it to Japan. They need it more than we do.

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  1. fun! hope you are going to tell us what he DID bring your girls?!?

  2. On Wednesday night, my oldest made a leprechaun trap and put it on the front porch. Well, that apparently made the leprechaun mad because he left a pile of jokes next to the trap and even entered the house and placed jokes in the girls' shoes! When the jokes were discovered, the trap was removed and the leprechaun came back and left the girls two containers filled with shamrock stickers, coins and jewelry. They were both so excited!

  3. What a great post, Danielle! I love your story and your beautiful creations!!