Saturday, January 8, 2011

Super Bowl Party Idea: Add Flair to Beverage Bottles with Football Tags

A Super Bowl party isn't a party without a little rootbeer and you can jazz up the bottles with these easy to make football tags:


  • Glue Dots®: Memory Book & Pop Up
  • cardstock: white, green, brown
  • white pen
  • white acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • circle punches
  • ribbon
  • computer font: Courier New, 11 pt

1. Type the word "football" several times in a word processing document to fill an entire sheet of paper, copy and paste as needed. Print on green cardstock and make circles with a circle punch.

2. Create white mats for the green circles, using a larger circle punch or tracing a circular object (I used a Curious George kaleidoscope) and cutting them to size. Adhere both circles together using Memory Book Glue Dots®.

3. Cut out little footballs from brown cardstock. Draw the stitching on each football with a white pen (or if you are talented enough to paint them on, you can do that instead). Paint two white stripes on each football (even though the NFL does not use the white strips, something I recently learned AFTER making my football tags, but they are still cute, right?). Let dry.

4. Adhere two Pop Up Glue Dots® onto the backs of the footballs and attach each to the matted green circles.

5. Punch a small circle at the top of each tag, insert ribbon and tie a knot. Place a tag onto each bottle and have fun at your Super Bowl party!

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Disclosure: I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots design team.


  1. Hey Danielle, Thank you for your sweet comment. 5 minutes for one page is also a very nice goal. It was sometimes hard to make a page each day because of the time. I made a little movie about it yesterday, after editing it i will post it on my blog, so keep an eye on that. Did you insure it? Because than you know that it will be there safely...

  2. What a great project! I love how you did the lacing on the footballs!

  3. Thanks Lisa and Sue! I had fun with this project and may end up using the football tags for my husband's sports themed Christmas tree next year.

    Marjolein - Thanks for stopping by! I'm looking forward to checking out your movie and yes, I did insure the envelope with my sketchbook. I hope to visit it in Chicago this year!

  4. Hi Danielle!

    Just stopped by to let you know we featured this project on our recent blog:

    Such a cute idea for Super Bowl!