Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The story of the leprechaun

Long ago, March 2009, a little leprechaun hopped on a rainbow and traveled from Ireland all the way to Ohio. He wrote wonderful notes and brought shiny trinkets to a six-year-old girl while she sat in her kindergarten classroom. Each day after arriving home from school, the six-year-old would rush to the front door to see if the leprechaun left anything that day. She wanted so badly to catch this little leprechaun and put a Build-A-Bear box out on the front porch with hopes of catching a small, green fairyman.

Once St. Patrick's Day came and went, the six-year-old girl still checked the front porch. The leprechaun had to write a note to her saying that he had to go back to Ireland since his family needed him, but not to worry since he would be back the next year.

That six-year-old grew a year older and was now seven. She still dreamed of meeting a little leprechaun and started writing notes to him on March 1, 2010. The leprechaun knew that the seven-year-old was thinking of him so he sent her a card and stickers in the mail. He told her to leave a pot of gold out for him by March 15.

When March 15 arrived, the seven-year-old girl wrote a note, left a pot of (fake) gold on the porch and went off to school. The little leprechaun took the gold and gave the girl a shamrock headband and the next day, he dropped off a pair of shamrock earrings.

Today is St. Patrick's Day and the leprechaun has already stopped by the little girl's house, left all of the (fake) gold he took on Monday and some he took last year. Now there are green fairy wings waiting for this seven-year-old girl to remind her that leprechauns are really fairies in Irish mythology (something she doesn't believe right now).

And this was my leprechaun story. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Below is a scrapbook layout I created to celebrate the month of March. The bottom-left photograph shows the six-year-old with her pot of gold on St. Patrick's Day 2009.

Supplies include MemoryWorks Simple Stories, DCWV cardstock, Scenic Route arrow, Me&My Big Ideas flowers.

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