Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ramblings From My Speck of the Universe

"Life is a Journey" 12x12 Scrapbook Layout, MemoryWorks Simple Stories: Life Documented Kit
I always have ideas for blog posts. In fact, at the end of February, I created my blog calendar and filled it up until the end of April. I decided to only post twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, with an additional blog post here and there due to design team requirements.

But here I am, rambling on about random bloggy stuff when I had originally planned to share my experience with The Cinch by We R Memory Keepers. Let me just say, I had great intentions on using this new tool of mine by now (I received it as a Christmas gift), but I still haven't even tried it yet! I got it out of the box, but soon realized that I didn't have any wires. I placed and received my order, but still...I haven't tried it.

I know I talked about trying something new on Tuesday and I will, once I complete all the other things (many new) on my to do list. This is what's been going on in my speck of the universe:

  • Used my Polaroid PoGo printer (another new thing I received for Christmas) with my cell phone. Fun to play with, but doesn't have the best quality. I plan to blog about this in the future.
  • Been creating layouts for a special series happening on another blog next month. Once it's formally announced, I will tell you more. ***UPDATE!!! Go check out Sue Mylde's blog, Just Perspective, for all the info!***
  • Writing blog posts for ecoScrapbook. I'll be launching the new blog in April with posts every Monday and I also signed-up for a Recycled Blog Hop with ScrapTiffany, April 13-14. So you will see two recycled projects by me during the blog hop, one here and one at ecoScrapbook.
  • Organizing and making stuff for an April 9th craft show at Calvary Bible Chapel in Toledo, Ohio.
  • Also making stuff for ecoScrapbook on Etsy. I don't have a lot of products yet, just premade pages and handcut flowers that I'll be listing in April. I have big plans for my shop, but taking baby steps right now.
  • Thinking of ideas for my next Glue Dots and ScrapTiffany projects. I'll be working on those this weekend.
  • Other to dos: signed up for Earth Hour this Saturday at 8:30 pm (lights out!), potty training my almost 3-year-old (she's not interested), needing to recycle approximately 100 Capri Sun pouches (I hate having to cut and rinse them, but it's better than them ending up in the landfill, plus, my daughter gets prizes), and I'm a week behind on my vacuuming.

Those are my excuses why I haven't used The Cinch yet. Justified? I hope.

As always, thanks for stopping by Snap.Scrap.Blog.Tweet! 


  1. I got a Cinch for Christmas, too. It's out of the box, but so far haven't used it at all. I keep a blog calendar, too, and it fills up so fast!

  2. I'm so proud of you, honey! I see all the plans you have and say, "Whoa, I should be following on her example!"

    I've been caught in helping friends with some personal issues, and everything besides it have sort of fallen besides. But I'm so glad that you are working consistently on your blog and tweeting, so I still have a little bit of crafty heaven on my sort-of-drama-filled days.

    Keep on the great work and my wishes of never-ending success to you!

  3. You certainly are a busy lady....'so proud of all that you are doing! Your layout is really quite nice, Danielle. Your pic. is really cute, too! Way to go!!

  4. your list is very impressive! such a lot of creativity! i'd be interested to hear about the cinch when you do try it. love that layout at the top of your post - is it a LOAD layout?

  5. Very excited to play with you for the Words and Perspectives series :) love your stuff Danielle!

  6. I got the Polaroid printer for Christmas and I STILL haven't used it yet either. I can't wait to see a post from you on this!