Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Share Beautiful Things With Pinterest

I have a new addiction...Pinterest! Yes, I tried something new and wasted spent a couple hours looking at and repinning photos. (That's where I found the image above.)

So what are you waiting for? Get off my blog and go check out Pinterest if you haven't done so already. Start here. Have fun! 

P.S. You can look, but you need an invite to pin.


  1. I may have to go repin that poster! Pinterest is addicting, isn't it?

  2. love Pinterest - though I only pin as and when. I know that if I start really looking around, I'll be lost forever! :-)

    this poster is gorgeous though - will repin that!

  3. I feel like EVERYONE is already on Pinterest and I'm just bringing old news, lol! I actually got lost today for about 30 minutes when I only planned on about 5 minutes...it delayed my daughter's naptime a bit, but there are soooo many beautiful things to look at!