Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Honeymoon Scrapbook Album: Cruise to The Bahamas (Part One)

On Tuesday, I showed you the first five pages of my honeymoon scrapbook album when my husband and I were in Fort Lauderdale. My favorite was the "D is for Destination Dan Marino Stalker" layout. We still laugh about our little excursion to the Marino mansion.

Today, I'm sharing the beginning of our cruise to the Bahamas, an adventure that we'll never forget.

Page six begins our "Destination Hell Cruise 2000" (and I am being over-dramatic...):

Journaling: We were so clueless in this photo, but we were excited to go on our first cruise together. Did we know that there would be 35' waves? No. Or that their would be a puke fest? No. Were we lucky I packed Dramamine? YES!

Page seven shows my husband relaxing as we head out to sea and say goodbye to the Florida coastline:

Travel Notes LOAD511 Day 10

Journaling: What did I learn about my first time in Florida? The piña coladas taste better the further south you go, avoid time share deals and when it comes to cruise ships, bigger = better. (Imperial Majesty is a small cruise ship.)

Page eight and nine explains our crazy adventure at sea. Even if it sounds horrible, we had so much fun together:

So Maybe There Were Not 35 Ft. Waves LOAD511 Day 3

Journaling: So maybe there were not 35 ft. waves, it was more like 5 to 20 ft. waves & 35 to 50 mph winds, but the ship was still a rockin and people were a pukin (& there were puke bags in the hallway, maintenance cleaning up messes everywhere; we were lucky we weren't part of the puke fest & soon found out that fresh air was best.) 

It was windy on our cruise and many passengers were seasick. We were part of the small portion of people who didn't get sick & pretty much had the ship to ourselves (besides the lady with the dress that flew up in our faces revealing her big behind). At dinner, waiters dropped the food on people, liquor bottles fell out of cabinets, dishes crashed to the floor, but we still made the best out of a not so good situations (good times!). 

Sidenotes: We pretended that we needed rescued (as the closet doors kept opening & closing). We took Dramamine, left our cabin & walked a few miles on the (closed) top deck.

Page ten is my favorite honeymoon scrapbook page:

The Little Ship LOAD511 Day 2

Journaling: The Little Ship that took us to the Bahamas was much smaller compared to the large cruise ships, but at least we arrived safely.

And here's page eleven (I like this one too):

Travel Log LOAD511 Day 5

Journaling: {Who} The Newlyweds: Tyler & Danielle {What} Shopping in the Bahamas for the day. {When} Honeymoon: October 2000 {Where} Nassau/Paradise Island.

We'll continue our journey next Tuesday!

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  1. Wow, what an eventful cruise that was, Danielle! I am so glad that you and your hubby were not sick.

    'Love your pages....they really tell your story nicely!

  2. Awesome layouts Danielle!!

  3. We've been on 2 cruises and your pages make me want to book a third one!

  4. Awesome again! I'm adding to my "wedding/honeymoon scrapbook" board on Pinterest.

  5. makes me want to go on a cruise even more than before! looking good!!!