Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Honeymoon Scrapbook Album: Cruise to The Bahamas (Part Two)

Just joining in? See the beginning of my honeymoon here and the first part of the cruise here. 

Let's continue our journey...

We spent the day in the Bahamas: shopping, eating and relaxing after a crazy night at sea (otherwise known as the puke fest, but we weren't the ones sick).

Here's my first attempt at page twelve of the honeymoon scrapbook:

Nassau LOAD511 Day 12

and then I redid it when I had more time:

Maybe Next Time LOAD511 Day 17

Journaling: What can I say about the Bahamas? It is surrounded by water...looks beautiful and sunny on postcards, but it wasn't the dream experience I had imagined. Maybe next time... (I created this layout during Layout A Day and people had asked why it wasn't a dream experience. My answer to that is when you imagine the Bahamas as being sunny and beautiful, then when you are there, it's windy and cloudy, there is a sense of disappointment. Despite that, we still had a great time.)

Page thirteen shows me being silly and I couldn't name that thing I was in. First, I Googled "pirate jail", then "guillotine" and "stockade" before I figured out I was in a pillory. Doh!

Travelogue LOAD511 Day 6

Journaling: On the cruise ship, we were given a variety of options to choose from for our Nassau day trip. Since the weather was a bit poor, we decided on sight seeing & shopping instead of relaxing on the beach. 

We headed to the Straw Market (I think) near Prince George Wharf & purchased home decor (handmade wood masks & a statue), cigars & liqour (Spiced Rum, Butterscotch & Fire in de Hole). We were also approached by locals to see if we wanted anything illegal or if I wanted my hair braided (we passed on both). 

Shortly before we departed, I couldn't pass up 1. being a pirate (Pirates of Nassau). Then I realized that I didn't take many photos of actual landmarks, so I snapped away: 2. A Parliament Square building (all are pink) with a statue of Queen Victoria. 3. Planet Hollywood & 4. Atlantis in the distance.

Page fourteen is our departure from the Bahamas (I love the black matted photo):

Departure LOAD511 Day 4

Journaling: We boarded the ship with plenty of goodies and cruised back out to sea, saying goodbye to the Bahamas.

Page fifteen, another favorite honeymoon scrapbook page, shows us all dressed up for dinner with the captain:

Sophisticated LOAD511 Day 7

Journaling:  After spending the day in Nassau, we took turns in the teeny, tiny bathroom, washing up in the mini low-flow shower. Tyler looked handsome in his suit and tie, and I was all dressed up in a sparkly gown I wore to a formal dance in college. 

We walked down to the dining hall, which wasn't as eventful as the night before (when we went to the so-called five star disco, which wasn't five stars at all, it was just called the "Five Star Disco." There were only about a dozen passengers having a rockin' good time as most people were sick in their cabins.) 

We had our photo taken with the captain and then sat at our table drinking mimosas. Most people were in formal attire, but there were still a few that dressed casually. And that's about all I remember about the evening.

Page sixteen and seventeen was the last day of our cruise AND (of course) the nicest one:

Journaling: The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Single Cruise: the nicest day of the cruise...beautiful, sunny & warm...all the passengers emerged from their cabins on this quiet morning...my favorite honeymoon photo of Tyler's silhouette...cruising toward the Florida coastline...ending our journey.

I'll be finishing up the honeymoon album on Thursday with photos from Orlando, Florida!

Until then...

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  1. This album is so great - that last double spread is great and the rework on the Bahamas one was perfect!