Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Honeymoon Scrapbook Album: Fort Lauderdale

A couple weeks ago, I gave you a little sneak peak into my honeymoon album during the MemoryWorks Blog Hop. And if you've been following along during Layout A Day, you have probably seen many of the honeymoon scrapbook pages I've created this month. If not, to recap, I've been working on (and almost finished with) scrapbooking honeymoon photos from October 2000.

Today begins a series of posts that will showcase my honeymoon scrapbook and the Simple Stories Destination Kit. First, let's go to Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

Here's page one with our honeymoon itinerary and a few postcards (every vacation, even the weekend getaways, I bring back postcards):

Page two shows us on the beach. This was actually my very first time in Florida:

Journaling:  We were only in Ft. Lauderdale for two nights before we went on our cruise, but we managed to: 1. Make it to the beach and ended up with sand in places that it shouldn't be. 2. Buy new beach towels including the silly one I purchased that said "My friends went to Florida and bought me this lousy towel for less than $5.00." 3. Leave the top down in the white Chevy Cavalier convertible we rented while it rained. 4. Lock ourselves out of our room when we relaxed on our patio.

Page three is dinner at Mai Kai...when we were young and sexy:

Journaling:  Mai Kai Polynesian Restaurant-From flame throwers to tropical gardens and mai tais, Mai Kai was a fun and "unique dining experience." (A bit on the boring side and I got the "unique dining experience" from Mai Kai's website.)

Page four is all about Dan Marino. My husband is a huge Miami Dolphins fan and "D is 4 destination Dan Marino Stalker" is just for him.

Journaling: Our adventure to Dan Marino's house started with a timeshare tour, which we had to do as part of the "deal" I got when I booked our vacation/honeymoon. The saleswoman pretty much knew we weren't going to buy a timeshare, but we still had to do the tour and since we were near Dan Marino's house, she offered to show it to us during the tour. We pulled over to the side of the road and Tyler got out and walked through the tress to snap a pic of the Marino mansion surrounded by a moat. When we were free from the timeshare spiel, we stalked Dan Marino even more by visiting his Town Tavern. We were underdressed in jeans while the other customers were in suits with no Dan Marino in sight.

Page five celebrates the "Nite Life" with bright colors (this layout does not use the Simple Stories Destinations Kit):

Journaling: Let's play a game! Which layout is not like the others? If you chose this one, you're correct! This scrapbook page is about the nightlife: parties, clubs and having a good time. The photos on the page aren't the best, but they were the only ones I took when we drove down A1A to experience the Florida "Nite Life." We don't really remember going to a nightclub called Atlantis, but we have the wristbands to prove it. We do know that there was dancing involved and plenty of fun! (Note: Don't judge. We were very young and this is not how we do things these days. Just had to put that in there.)

Stop by on Thursday to read about the puke fest on our cruise. Yay! (Either you'll be back for more or I've scared you away for good.)

If you like the Simple Stories Destinations Kit,  contact me to place an order or visit my MemoryWorks shop.

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  1. Wow, what a fun honeymoon! The pics and pages are awesome! Great job, Danielle!!

  2. As you know, I've been enjoying these pages in the LOAD gallery but seeing them all here together makes them come together so well! Such a great collection of fun pages. It looks like a wonderful holiday!

  3. Ooooh, I'm pinning these to one of my Pintrest boards! I'm just about to jump in feet first to working on my wedding and honeymoon scrapbook! I've been searching around and wedding and/or honeymoon layouts are hard to find!