Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Retweetables: 10 Great Tweets from Scrappin' Tweeps, March 19-25, 2010

I secretly call my Blackberry a Twitterberry since Ubertwitter is the most used application on my cell phone. I love how I can stay in contact with the world (without actually having to talk to anyone) from the palm of my hand. Twitter is a constant source of wonderful information that can be educational and rewarding if you follow the right tweeters. The scrapbooking community on Twitter is jam-packed with creative folk who love to share and inspire.

These 10 tweeters are also my #FollowFriday recommendations, so please follow this wonderful group of people and businesses! In no particular order...

1. @MakingMemories: Eye Candy for a Friday

2. @atthebluebarn: scrapbooking layouts for your teen: #scrapbooking

3. @peekatmypaper: Ha! Just finished a Scrapbook to Celebrate Grandma's 90 Years! Take a Peek:

4. @BeckyHigginsLLC: Scrapbooking system: On my mind. And maybe on yours too?

5. @BoBunnyPress: Wow....need ideas for organizing your craft room! Come see Designer Carole Janson's new room! It's amazing!

6. @wcopley: I made some labels for you to download and print and put on the marmalade you're going to make:

7. @scrapscene: A great tutorial from Dina Wakely today:

8. @LogYourMemory: Today on our Blog: 10 Ideas for Dating Your Layouts

9. @wendysmedley: It is true, I love to laugh

10. @DCWV: Anyone can be a queen....or a princess, you choose. :)


  1. Awe - Thanks for adding me as one of your FF a couple of weeks ago. I just stumbled upon your blog and saw your post mentioning Peek At My Paper and Grandmas 90th Birthday Scrapbook!
    Thanks so much!

  2. Peek at My Paper- I first saw your tweet via @ScrapbookJournl. It was one of their good ones...not about Justin Bieber. Great job on your album!