Wednesday, April 21, 2010

11 ways to be an eco-friendly scrapbooker

How can scrapbookers be eco-friendly and consume massive amounts of paper? The arts and crafts industry has begun to take steps toward greener scrapbooking options by offering supplies using recycled and sustainable resources. Scrapbookers now have choices to allow room for eco-friendly crafting. Here are eleven simple ways to become a green, eco-friendly scrapbooker:

  1. Save paper scraps.
  2. Decorate scrapbook pages with gifts.
  3. Keep layouts warm with old clothes.
  4. Dig into the recycling bin.
  5. Shop at green craft companies.
  6. Stock up on recycled paper.
  7. Add recycled plastic to scrapbooks.
  8. Stick things together with eco-friendly glue.
  9. Use non-traditional scrapbook albums.
  10. Create a recycled craft space.
  11. Become a digital scrapbooker.

Read the entire article, Green scrapbooking: Ways to be an eco-friendly scrapbooker, here.

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