Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Retweetables: A recap and farewell

Tweeter. Twitterer. Tweet. Retweet. Mention. Reply. Direct Message. Hashtag. This is Twitter talk. If you are not familiar with Twitter or want to learn more about it, is a great source for all things social media and offers The Twitter Guide Book. So if this is your first time reading The Retweetables, my weekly posts about the crafty tweets I see and share with others, hello and goodbye...

WAIT! Goodbye? Yes. At least for a bit. School is almost out and I want to focus my attention on two beautiful girls and not so much on Twitter.

I've come to love Twitter for all the inspiration and information it has given to me and have been obsessively addicted to it, which was the reason why I started my weekly #retweetable posts. Unfortunately, my most of my Twitter time has been replaced with more family and scrapbooking time (the way it really should be. Afterall, I scrapbook for them. I don't tweet for them except for the nail polish collection tweets) and I just need a break. I still plan on writing blog posts to share my crafty things and will be on Twitter, but not to the point where I will see all the great tweets out there... and there are many, hence, the addiction.

You can still follow me as @ohiodanielle where I'm just me being me or as @ecoscrapbook where I tweet eco-friendly tweets :)

So, let's get to this #retweetable recap...

These #retweetable tweeters have been mentioned in my Twitter-related posts (April 2010 to present) and are also my #FollowFriday recommendations:

Note: The names with links were featured in my posts, while the names without links were mentioned in their tweets.

Randomness, May 14-20:

Layout a Day in May (#LOAD), May 7-14:


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