Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Shark Week, scrapbooking and my husband have in common

Shark Week is here and I always think of my husband, a shark fanatic. When we were kids (and didn't know each other), we both wanted to be marine biologists and dreamed of swimming with dolphins, sharks and other sea life. It's no surprise that we chose to go to Florida for our honeymoon to try to spot some sharks.

It's been almost ten years since this photo of my husband was taken. We were headed back to shore on a small cruise ship after an exciting night of 35' waves. We didn't see any sharks, but there were plenty of people puking and we spotted a whale of a behind after a gust of wind blew up a woman's dress. We weren't whale spotting. We wanted to see a shark, not a big behind. Yet, we still had fun and will always have an interesting story to tell.

A year later, 2001, there were plenty of sharks swimming along the Florida coast and of course, we immediately bought plane tickets to spend our second honeymoon in a sunshiny state. I would love to say that we had a close encounter with a shark, after all, who doesn't love a good shark attack story, but unfortunately, I don't. I can tell you that yes, we did spot two fins near the beach. Were they sharks? Not positive. We weren't about to take a swim to double check. Would you?

About the scrapbook layout: The title, sun and waves were all hand-cut using my EK Success scissors and a craft knife. There is a hidden pocket behind the photo with a small mini book. (Please note that the photo quality is poor since I created the layout several years ago and photographed it with a 35mm camera. I no longer have the original layout so I am unable to take additional shots.)

Mini Book, front:

Mini Book, inside:

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