Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack! (Part Three)

Welcome to Day Three of The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack! If you are just joining us, check out DAY ONE first and then DAY TWO. And now, what you've all been waiting's popping time!

The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack! 
© 2010 Danielle Hunter
Panel 1
CAPTION: Once freed from the evil balloons, Big Sis takes control.
Bis Sis begins the balloon popping with her needle-like laser beams.

Panel 2
Big Sis: It's popping time! Take them down!

Panel 3
Big Sis and Lil Sis are dominating the balloons.

Panel 4
Lil Sis pops a balloon with her super popping feet.

Panel 5
Big Sis pops another balloon with her needle-like laser beams.

Panel 6
Lil Sis has tripled her super popping powered feet and annihilates all but one balloon.

Panel 7
Big sis destroys the last evil balloon.

Panel 8
CAPTION: The Super Sisters saved the day!

Comic Book Scrapbook Supplies:
  • Cardstock (white: Georgia Pacific, black: Prismatics)
  • Assorted paper scraps
  • American Crafts black memory marker
  • Pens (Zig, Sakura)
  • Heidi Swapp edge distresser
  • Glue Dots® Craft, Glue Lines, Dot N' Go
  • Petaloo Flora Doodles
  • Cardboard
 Disclosure: I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots design team.

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  2. this is too cute....and fun! what a great mind u darling!

  3. Thanks for the compliment, Vic! As you can see, my girls are my muses. They have a way with keeping me busy AND inspired. Thanks for stopping by!