Friday, December 10, 2010

Wedding Favor Idea Using the Kanji Symbol for Love

"Love and marriage go together
like a horse and carriage." 
-Sung by Frank Sinatra

 Kanji Love Symbol Wedding Favor Box
Instead of spending tons of money on wedding favors from a store, you can create your own custom-made wedding favor boxes using the kanji symbol for love.


  • Small wood box with window
  • Glue Dots®: Micro, Continuous Line
  • White paint
  • Black acrylic jewels
  • Black ribbon
  • Black marker*
  • White paper
  • Paper Trimmer
*I chose to write love in Japanese kanji using a marker, but you can also purchase a kanji love stamp or use kanji font in a word application and print.

Instructions are for one wedding favor box.

1. Paint the box. Let dry and apply a second coat.

2. Cut a square to fit into the window of the box and write the kanji love symbol with black marker onto the paper. (Tip: Lightly write the symbol with pencil first before using the marker.) Once the box is dry, place the square into the window.

3. Adhere the acrylic jewels around the window on top of the box and on the closure with Micro Glue Dots®.

4. Wrap a Continuous Glue Line® around the box and attach the ribbon.

There you have it! A beautiful black and white wedding favor box showcasing the kanji symbol for love.

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Disclosure: I wrote this post while participating on the Glue Dots design team.

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  1. what a lovely idea! The symbol looks so elegant and pretty there in the box. Nice project.

  2. Thanks Lisa! It's one of my favorites.

  3. This wedding favor is precious. Great work, Danielle! Something handmade for a wedding makes it all the more meaningful!

  4. Danielle this is absolutely GORGEOUS! Ive popped over here to view what people created for Abbey's challenge and was blown away when your blog opened. Definitely following you!!!


  5. Oh, wow, Carlene, I am blushing! Thanks for your kind comment :)

  6. SOOOO cute!!! I love this idea!!! something people can actually keep and use!!! thanks for entering my challenge!!!