Monday, September 20, 2010

21 Green Scrapbooking Supplies You Already Own

Eco-friendly scrapbooking is simple: Use what you have and be creative. By "going green" on your scrapbook pages, you can save money as well as precious resources. You don't have to stop buying all the pretty paper you see at the store or in catalogs. Green scrapbooking is not a twelve-step program, but a way to balance the excess consumption of all that pretty paper and embellishments in your scrapbooks. So take a look around you. What do you see that can be used in a scrapbook or as a scrapbook?
  1. Paper scraps
  2. Worn-out fabric
  3. Old buttons
  4. Broken jewelry
  5. Leftover fibers (ribbon, thread, etc.)
  6. Produce mesh
  7. Scratched CDs
  8. Cardboard (cereal boxes, paper rolls)
  9. Greeting cards
  10. Words in magazines
  11. Unwanted board books
  12. Maps
  13. Dictionary pages
  14. Calendars
  15. Playing cards
  16. Wrapping paper
  17. Puzzle pieces
  18. Junk mail
  19. Notebook paper
  20. Candy wrappers
  21. _____________ You fill in the blank.
Here are some of my eco-friendly scrapbook layouts:

"Autumn" (8x8 Page Layout)

"The Mantis" (8x8 Page Layout)

"Trash The Dress" (12x12 Page Layout)

"My Green 2Do List" (12x12 Page Layout)

Want to learn more? Read my guest post, Elaborando Una Página de Scrapbook "Ecológica,"on Zaira Ivette's blog, Hacer Scrapbooks. (There's a translate button at the top of the page.) Hacer Scrapbooks is also on Twitter as @HacerScrapbooks.

All layouts were created by Danielle Hunter of Scrappin' Memories 4U.

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