Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Retweetables: Wedding & Anniversary Scrapbooks

"This is what marriage really means: 
helping one another to reach the full status of being persons, responsible beings who do not run away from life."
- Paul Tournier, Swiss physician and writer

This week's Twitter post was inspired by a tweet from @DaisyTrail who shared a link to Wedding Scrapbook Ideas, an article at LoveToKnow. If you are thinking about taking on a wedding scrapbook in the future, I highly recommend reading this article before beginning your project. There are several useful tips about journaling, memorabilia and embellishments that will help you create a beautiful wedding scrapbook (and it was from this site that I found a link to the marriage quote above).

Another wedding-related tweet I spotted was by @ClarkMKane, who shared the article, How to make a wedding anniversary scrapbook. This tweet made me think of my ten year wedding anniversary. Over the past several months, I've gathered together all the photos of my husband and I before  we had children and now I'm waiting for the perfect time to start my love scrapbook (it's love since it's not a true wedding scrapbook or anniversary one, just our early years together). 

I did, however, create a digital scrapbook layout in Picasa about what we did for our recent wedding anniversary. (We went to the Belamere Suites in Perrysburg, Ohio and had THE BEST TIME relaxing, swimming in our private indoor pool and a few other things that married couples do.  Anyway, we can't wait to go there again...a perfect getaway without really getting away.)

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  1. That hotel sounds fabulous! Happy Belated Anniversary!

  2. Oooh, I bookmarked that hotel in Perrysburg - maybe for a winter weekend getaway? thanks!

  3. The Belamere IS fabulous! When my husband and I talk about it, we refer to it as THE hotel. It's very private and we even had our own garage connected to our stairs, no elevators. Nice :)