Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's My 1 Year Blogiversary on 1-11-11 with my 111th Blog Post & 11 Scrapbook Layouts

I knew my one year blog anniversary was coming up and I didn't realize it would be on 1-11-11 until yesterday. I was like how crazy it this! Then I started my post and saw that this would be my 111th blog post. Whoa! Even more craziness!

To celebrate, I felt like making a list of my favorite 11 layouts I've posted on this blog. In no particular order:

12x12 Layout: "Bored"

8x8 Layout: "U Are Growing Up"

12x12 Layout: "I Scrapbook For You"

12x12 Layout: "This Is What Life Looks Like"

12x12 Layout: "Trash the Dress"

12x12 Layout: "Life is Adventure"

12x12 Layout: "This Little Lady"

12x12 Layout: "Are You Ready to Scream?"

12x12 Layout: "Sweetie"

12x12 Layout: "My Favorite Scrapbooking Things"

12x12 Layout: "The Guys"
Thanks for stopping by Snap.Scrap.Blog.Tweet! Visit on Thursday to say goodbye to my Sketchbook Project and check out the MemoryWorks blog tomorrow for another blog post by me!

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  1. Congrats on making it to your blogiversary. I had my 1 yr at the very end of December. You have wonderful scrap layouts.

  2. Happy Blogiversary!

    I'm bookmarking this post because I already got some fun ideas from those layouts!


  3. Hey! Congrats on your Blogiversary! How cool are all those numbers! I wish I had paid more attention to things like this on my blog!!!

    Love the 11 layouts (I think I spy some from LOAD?!?) but I have to ask - what is the story behind "trash the dress"???

    There are definitely one or two of these designs I want to lift - great work!

  4. Thank you! I couldn't have planned it better!

    Lisa - My "Trash the Dress" layout came from the idea of where brides are now trashing their wedding dresses during photo shoots. There's actually a lot of really cool photos of this process. Since I didn't get the opportunity to trash my wedding dress, I did it on a scrapbook layout. Here's the post I had the layout in originally since I used an old CD: http://scrappindanielle.blogspot.com/2010/09/21-green-scrapbooking-supplies-you.html

  5. Congrats on your blogiversary. Loved the layouts.

  6. Happy Blogaversary, Danielle! That is awesome and so is the timing. I love your layouts....it is always so much fun visiting your blog. BIG Congrats to you!!

  7. Thanks for your comment. I see you like scrapbook. Sometimes i look for some ideas on scrapbook pages but add it differently into something artyfarty!

  8. OMG Danielle you are so creative. LOVE what you did in that last post with the Tidy Cat buckets. I'm going to get lots of inspiration from you. :-) I haven't been keeping up on the 21DHL challenge, but hope we can keep up with one another on our blogs. How's your health/fitness progress?

  9. Wow, ladies, I'm feeling the love! Thanks so much for your sweet comments!

    Shannon - I've been trying to keep up with 21DHL, eating healthier, exercising, decluttering...making progress, but once it's over, I hope I don't go back to my old ways. I'll be sure to keep in touch :)

  10. Congrats on your blog anniversary! All those 11 - that is crazy!