Monday, February 14, 2011

Celebrating Valentine's Day With 4 Scrapbook Layouts & a Glue Dots Joke

Q: What did the Glue Dots say to the cardstock?
A: I'm stuck on you!

Last Valentine's Day, I came up with this clever little joke and tweeted it to Glue Dots. (I'm horrible at jokes and this is probably a once in a lifetime mini success.) Janel Mayer turned the joke into a comic strip, Glue Dots tweeted it back to me and then I HAD to make a scrapbook page:

8x8 Scrapbook Layout, "Glue Dots Joke"

Another Valentine's Day layout I made last year was with the Simple Stories Life Documented Kit:

12x12 Scrapbook Layout, "Three of Hearts"

I rarely cut photos into odd shapes, but the three hearts seemed suitable for the Valentine's Day theme. I added stitching around the hearts and on the "So Loved" ribbon. I always seem to forget how much I like to sew on scrapbook pages and I hope to use the technique again during this month's Layout A Day.

Speaking of Layout A Day (LOAD), check out the layout I made on Day 3:
12x12 Scrapbook Layout, "VDay"

The prompt was to start with a title and I knew I wanted to use "VDay," but didn't know if there was an actual song by that name. To play along with the day's challenge, I searched for song titles and found "VDay" by Red Guitar (the song is awful). The above layout was scraplifted from a digital layout by Katie Pertiet, Mutual Love, on Designer Digitals and inspired by Lain Ehmann's recent digital scrapbooking rant. The goal is to show you that digital scrapbookers can inspire paper scrapbookers and vice versa.

On Day 12, I learned about Adobe's Kuler color site and was challenged to use the "Audacity" color scheme. I also wanted to use the new Fancy Pants Love Birds Theme Set I received in the mail the day before, which so happened to have almost the same color scheme as "Audacity."

12x12 Scrapbook Layout, "First Dance Love"

This is one of my favorite LOAD layouts since it's so colorful and allowed for plenty of doodling. I didn't plan on using these wedding photos during LOAD (taken by Rick Sheridan - you must see his wedding photography site), but they had a story that needed to be told. My husband and I never slow danced UNTIL our wedding day. We were horrible and looked like young school kids at a middle school dance. It didn't help that we had to dance on grass when I was wearing heels. (We had an outdoor wedding. It rained all day and night, except for the ceremony, so we weren't able to have our first dance on the patio.)

Now I'm off to work on another LOAD layout! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Thanks for stopping by Snap.Scrap.Blog.Tweet!

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  1. Thanks for the funny, and a look at all those great layouts - your use of color is splendid.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Danielle! I love all of your layouts....oooh, the wedding layout is precious! Thanks for the cute joke!

  3. Such fun to see all your layouts and how LOAD is inspiring you! Love the Kuhler site!

  4. Your blog posts are always so bright and colourful! Love the joke!