Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Retweetables: A #retweetable recap

I tried to take a little Twitter vacation (wonder if that's a Twitcation) this week during my oldest daughter's spring break. My plan was to have one or two Twitter sessions per day and since I wouldn't see the majority of scrapbooking related tweets, I would just post a #retweetable recap...and here it is!

These #retweetable scrapbook tweeters have been mentioned in my Twitter-related posts (January 2010 to present):

Note: The names with links were featured in my posts, while the names without links were mentioned in their tweets.

It's good to retweet, March 26-April 1:


Scrappin' Tweeps, March 19-25:


Funny, crafty and cool, March 12-18:


Crafty tweets, March 5-11:


Scrapbooking tweeters, February 3:


My list of scrapbooking tweeters, January 20:


Wondering if I'm obsessed with Twitter and scrapbooking? Well, wonder no more! I am...but I've never been more motivated to scrapbook and do the things I love. I'm surrounded by a constant flow of creativity and endless possibilities. That's why I love Twitter.

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