Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 Green Things To Do

  1. Utilize curbside recycling
  2. Reduce plastic bag consumption
  3. Buy secondhand clothing & household items
  4. Learn organic gardening
  5. Reuse boxes for storage
  6. Buy products with reusable packaging
  7. Snack on SunChips with the compostable bag
  8. Drink Capri Sun & turn in pouches to Terracycle
  9. Remove as much plastic from kitchen as possible
  10. Stop buying so many paper plates
  11. Make wall art with photo greeting cards
  12. Reuse plastic container lazy susan as picnicware
  13. Let the kids create things from the recycling bin
  14. Use the blank side of school papers as notepads
  15. Buy organic food
  16. Eat less meat
  17. Turn a favorite hobby into an eco-friendly one
  18. Read about greener living
  19. Wash full loads of laundry in cold water
  20. Use fragrance & dye-free laundry detergent
  21. Make natural cleaning products
  22. Avoid air fresheners & spray perfume
  23. Buy phthalate free children's hair & body wash
  24. Recycle toxic nail polish & buy safer alternatives
  25. Participate in Earth Day activities
  26. Remember to take reusable bags into the store
  27. Don’t buy plastic products with PVC
  28. Take shorter showers
  29. Read all ingredient labels
  30. Spread the word and educate others

Try one thing or try them all. If one of the green things to do isn't for you, move onto the next and try again at a later time. My family went almost two full months without using paper plates, but life is hectic and I hate doing dishes (we don't own a dishwasher), so we still use an occasional paper plate or two or four. That's okay for now. We are trying to be better than we used to be and that's what matters.

What green things do you do?

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  1. I love your list! I copy pasted to a word document and will adapted to me Danielle!
    Great layout by the way...

  2. That's great to hear! I continue to add things to the list. I may not always be good at everything listed, but I try.