Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Scrapbook Layouts & Party Photo Tips

One of my favorite things to do after a birthday party is let my children play with the balloon decorations. They get crazy and have loads of fun while I take dozens of photos. (We always play it safe and are very careful about the tiny pieces of popped balloons, so don't worry about that.) The joy in a child's eyes when (s)he attacks a bundle of balloons is priceless.

Not only do I take balloon photos, but I also take photos of:
  1. Party preparations
  2. Invitations
  3. Before/After (you know, neat vs. messy)
  4. Food and drinks
  5. Decorations
  6. Party guests (posed and candid)
  7. Cake (cake smashing if you're lucky!)
  8. Gifts
  9. Party outfit(s)
  10. And of course, the birthday boy or girl
Parties go by fast so make a list of the photos you want to take beforehand and check them off as you go. While the party is still fresh in your mind, take the time to write down everything you remember and ask your family/friends what their most memorable moments were too. 

P.S. Be sure to visit next week when I post my comic book scrapbook layouts featuring The Super Sisters and the Balloon Attack! You won't want to miss this!!

"Birthday Balloons" (12x12 Two-Page Layout)

"We Are One!" (12x12 Two-Page Layout)

"Handsome" (8x8 Page Layout)

All layouts were created by Danielle Hunter of Scrappin' Memories 4U.

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