Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Honeymoon Scrapbook Album: Orlando

And now for the conclusion to my honeymoon scrapbook album...

I shared how my husband and I stalked Dan Marino. Then I told you a story about the hell cruise and showed you a layout with me in a pillory in the Bahamas...Let's go to Medieval Times in Orlando!

Page twenty takes us there. We look so cute in our crowns. (Page eighteen is on the laptop that's in the shop and page nineteen is a private layout...no peeking!)

Medieval Times LOAD511 Day 14

Journaling: We traveled back to the 11th century, dined without silverware and cheered on the Blue Knight as he showed off his equestrian skills at Medieval Times.

Page twenty-one continues the two-page Medieval Times spread:

Medieval Times Page 2 LOAD511 Day 15

Journaling: The place was packed when we arrived and when it was time to enter the arena, we were put into the blue section, one of six color zones, to cheer on our Knight of the Realm. We had a serving wench who delivered us soup, roasted chicken, ribs and potatoes as we watched jousting, weaponry and the Royal Falconer. Our knight won and I got his autograph! When we left, I thought it would be funny to ask the cop outside if I could take a photo of my new hubby in the back of his police car...and he obliged.

We like to eat and checked out this McDonald's on page twenty-two:

Mickey D's LOAD511 Day 13

Journaling: Before we left Florida, we stopped at the World's Largest McDonald's in Orlando for lunch. It's more of a place for kids, but we still enjoyed our time dining near the waterfall. There are over 100 arcade games, a 500 gallon fish aquarium, plenty of tubes and slides for the kids to play in and on, as well as items not normally seen on the regular McDonald's menu like pizza and pasta.

The very last page of the honeymoon scrapbook showcases photos from the airplane:

Live Happily Ever After LOAD511 Day 18

Journaling: Saying goodbye is never easy, but as we flew out of Florida, we said hello to our new life together.

Well, there you have it! That was my honeymoon from October 2000. Thanks for going down memory lane with me. I'll have an extra post tomorrow for ScrapTiffany which will kick off my new blog schedule. During the summer, I'll only be posting on Wednesdays to spend more time with my girls. Can't wait!

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  1. Wow, I love how you told such a beautiful story, Danielle! Your layouts and journaling are just perfect! Wishing you both many more happy years together!!

  2. such a great album! I've made layouts and a couple of minis about mine but nothing as comprehensive as this - inspiring!